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05 October 2005 @ 12:24 am

If I'm going to do this, then it's going to be my chance to write a decent, or semi decent Black Lace type book. And well... I'll need help.

Main character is an inkubus and so feeds off sex...

Book will be divided into 30 chapters and each chapter will have at least one sex scene. However, I want to set up the challenges beforehand so what I would like people to do is to pick up to three items (sex-toys; positions; household objects; activities) and comment here with their choices. Please, make them as plain or as interesting as you want, but if you are going to suggest something, please, please, please make it either extremely workable or extremely interesting...

As for what you pick with regards to activities, you can push the boundaries on this... Make it as hardcore or as vanilla as you want... They will be organised into some semblance of order after they are received and then incorporated.

07 June 2005 @ 10:18 am
Welcome to the community...

Lets start off with a summary of the rules.

1) The time limit is visible in the cut tag text.
2) Replies can either be made as new posts (under a cut tag) or as replies.
3) The time limit is the time limit. Stop writing when its up. Editing can be done later.
4) You may take any interpretation of the word you like.
5) Have fun!